About us

Atom Music Audio is a premium music production company based in Bulgaria, specializing in music for motion picture and entertainment advertisement. Launched in the summer of 2016, Atom Music Audio has achieved a high profile since confirming our first placement in ‘SOLO: A Star Wars Story’ by Walt Disney Studios. Our next major placement was with the 'Men In Black: International' campaign by Sony Pictures Entertainment, following up with 'Ford v Ferrari' by 20th Century Studios and 'The Battle of Jangsari' by Warnerbros Korea. Despite the Hollywood scene, Atom Music Audio succeeded to partner with Ubisoft for their promotional campaign for the game trailer of 'Tom Clancy’s The Division 2: Episode 3'.

We capture the thrilling cinematic sound, drive an epic music feel and turn the motion pictures into life. Atom Music Audio is a composer owned company who have secured a strong partnership and exclusive representation for Trailers by Harmony Music Libraries (US) who own Gothic Storm. In 2019 Atom Music Audio became part of the 411 Music Group (US) family representing the catalog exclusively for TV Music, Games and Ads.

We have a well-crafted music roster, specially designed for feature film, television underscore, TV Promos, film & gaming trailers, product advertising, video game music and everything else in between. We work with very talented composers with an addiction to perfection in every aspect of the music production process. We believe that only utilizing the finest, we can bring out the right piece of music to serve your project!