EON II is Atom Music Audio's second volume of truly emotional, passionate and encapsulating music ready to move you to new levels of existence. Modern cinematic sound accompanied with orchestral richness evoke limitless emotions with each powerful, yet delicate note. Every melody is explored to its fullest presenting purposeful themes with a true longing for each track. Experience heartache, peace, strength, serenity and honour through sweeping string ensembles, brass, gentle pianos, sombre choirs, light synths and strong percussion. This album represents 20 beautiful, melancholy and emotional tracks perfectly suitable for uplifting or sad soundtracks, TV, Trailers and serene background music.

Composer(s): Danny Rayel, David Chappell, Brian Delgado, May Rain, Hyun, Armin Gutjahr, Christoffer Isefält, Lisa van Hal, Ján Kuba, Martin Hataš, Akshay Sreeram, Bob Dedes, Craig Meier, Edu Jimenez, Jannick Miki Damkvist, Jonathan Mayer, Fred Texier, Iavor Pachovski, Emad Yaghoubi, Samarth Bellur and Narek Mirzaei

Post production: Lyubomir Yordanov (Mixing/Mastering)

Cover art: Nedko Chaushev

Release date: 13 May 2019

Cat. number: ATM14

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